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“Performance”: Regulatory Pendulum Equipped With Synaptic Gears

Today, technical prowess enables us to almost touch the stars. Yet, reaching these lofty heights is often followed by a slump. Indeed, this is the case with the world of finance, which, much like the field of horology, is governed by the swinging pendulum of constant regulation. As modern technology increasingly allows us to leapfrog processes and push mechanisms further, it also demands that essential required adjustments and regulations slip out of our control.

Why the world needs a regulatory pendulum

Indeed, it could be suggested that what the world requires is a regulatory pendulum in order to shift our society back into sync with measurable processes. Through their innovative installation and physical recreation of the Differential, Pecqueur Conceptuals animates this entertaining idea. They show that the shift would be achieved by mastering the complex role of gears that control the differential supply whilst providing new anchor points to the collective springs that have lost their absorptive capacity. It also allows new influx lubricants - which have been injected internally - to address any shortcomings and restore their dynamics, specifically guided by social programming software, which remains the foundation for any lasting economic development.

Through skillful interaction, the installation ‘performs’ by transforming patterns of brain activity into a new kind of non-artiffcial intelligence with its own consciousness. Responding just like a network of nerve cells and synapses, the mechanical wheels restore constant regulated motion. The result prompts the brain and body to interact with each other and send the right signals to what is represented as the world of Finance, to bring it back to its ‘logical’ horologic sequences. This is the meaning of synaptic gear synchronization. Illustrated by interacting wheels, the mechanism ensures that the connection between the nerve cells is secure in all circumstances.